So, this is where I tell you about myself. I’m Sarah, I’m 30, I live in Orlando, FL, and I work on the instructional design and publications team at one of the colleges here as an editor, despite having a master’s degree in psychology. I love my job and am an avid grammar enthusiast. “About me” sections are always intimidating to me because it is impossible to try to paint a picture of my whole personality in a few paragraphs.

My interests include reading, writing, editing, and learning everything I can about anything that looks interesting. I’m a fantasy geek, I can’t dance, and I love skating—roller, not board. I also love food and cooking and can easily eat more than my boyfriend, although you can’t tell from looking at me (I’ve been trying to keep that under control, though, since I’m not in my 20s anymore). I have no clue what sort of witchcraft women are able to do with eyeliner, but every time I try, I come out looking like a 5-year-old drew on my face with a crayon, so I don’t wear a lot of makeup. More than $50 to spend on a bag to put my wallet and hairbrush in just seems like a pretty ridiculous way to waste money. I also don’t like pop culture and my musical taste is stuck in the 90s alternative arena, with a little bit of indie rock thrown in.


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